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Athens Georgia | Making It Up As We Grow

Similar to the introduction of He & She that you heard in our introduction episode, Scott and Jennifer wanted to begin a podcast.  The reason, they were curious as to what the reaction from potential listeners would be?  Succinctly, “Making It Up As We Grow” stands for any creative type who has an idea or a dream to put themselves out there for the world.

Jennifer is the reluctant intermittent co-host of the “Making It Up As We Grow” podcast.  She contributes on an as needed basis (her words), mainly because she is busy working on other projects. Her main (business) focus is her 7 year old makeup blog, JennySue Makeup.  Running JSM takes up the majority of her time on a day-to-day basis.  Oh yeah, she’s also an extremely involved mom to her three children and with school being out for the summer, there aren’t enough hours in the day to be everywhere.

JennySue Makeup | Podcasting | Logo | Athens, Ga

JennySue Makeup is a beauty blog, which Jennifer established back in 2008 when blogging was still relatively new, to most people.  One of the primary reasons she started her blog was to share her love and skill of makeup and to help show other moms that it doesn’t take much in the way of makeup application to be and feel like their best self.

This podcast was established as a new way to help feature Jennifer, her website, and to give a unique look into some of the behind the scenes victories, thoughts and frustrations that go into being a freelancer and having a blog.  So after Scott woke up one morning with a crazy idea, he proposed to Jennifer to start their own podcast.

She said “Yes!”


Jennifer & Scott | Making It Up As We Grow | Podcast


Thus, their adventure in this new media began. Scott had always been told he had a voice for radio, so podcasting seemed like a good fit.  There was only one problem…Neither Jennifer nor Scott had the equipment or the foggiest notion on how to begin a podcast that would soon rocket up to the top of the iTunes chart (positive thinking, right?).



Fortunately, this question was easy to answer due to multiple factors coming together at the right time.  Some of those factors were…

  • Scott has always been there to help Jennifer record or upload her videos, edit her copy on her blog and support her in any way he can, but he never felt like he could completely contribute.  We’re talking about makeup here and despite the fact that, as a male, Scott boasts that he knows way too much about makeup, the day-to-day operations were happening without him.
  • Jennifer’s blog. For many years and both of them were looking at a different way to grow her digital footprint. Oh, Jennifer’s been successful, having been featured in magazines, working on music videos and conducting live makeup workshops.
  • The natural step would be to increase JennySue Makeup’s YouTube presence (she’s created her fair share of YouTube videos) because her blog is focused on the visual medium of makeup, right?  But there are countless other wonderful beauty bloggers creating makeup tutorial videos.
  • Podcasting is different.  The platform is growing, but Jennifer and Scott came up with the idea of telling stories, or little vignettes as a way for their audience to get to know Jennifer on a more intimate basis.
  • Here’s the disclaimer…Neither Scott nor Jennifer truly know what direction this podcast will take once it grows past its first four or five episodes.  Will “Making It Up As We Grow” stay centered around Jennifer’s makeup business or could it change to highlight other makers and creators of content to see what they’re up to?
  • One thing is certain.  The format.  This podcast will not be, “Let’s sit down, record an interview and upload it to our podcast.”  Oh, there will be interviews, it’s just that they will be told in a more narrative, storytelling style.

Should be fun!

So after a few days of debate back in the spring of 2015, Scott and Jennifer committed to giving podcasting a try and thus, began their adventure of storytelling through the lens of her blog. As of April 2015, Scott and Jennifer had a combined knowledge of “next to nothing” about how to podcast.  Thus, the name, “Making It Up As We Grow” was a relatively easy one to decide on.  Make sure to tune into episode 001 to hear how they both came up with the name.

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