We interrupt this regularly scheduled podcast to bring you a special bonus episode. There are couple “sound discrepancies” that you might hear, but this particular episode was edited at the beach and on an iPhone.  I am a real stickler for sound, but this particular week, I simply had to let it go.

Sometimes our best-laid plans can go awry.  The title of this episode was inspired by a line from the poem, “To A Mouse”, by Robert Burns.  It basically says that:

No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it.

Did you figure out just by the introduction that this particular episode was going to include a bit of a twist? Jennifer and I had planned to bring you part 2 of our sit down interview with her as she explained the challenges of blogging and how important it has been for her to find her voice and authenticity. Everything was on track to do just that until…we decided to take a family vacation to the beach this week.

Creating and editing a weekly podcast filled with stories is easy, said no one ever. Creating and editing a podcast episode while at the beach, staying in a condo with your three kids is well, close to impossible. So, I thought of a backup plan.

There were no dynamic microphones, XLR cables and sound buffering available for me to use with this episode.  Just a pre-recorded track with Jennifer and me talking and my iPhone to record my own thoughts both before and after our interview.

We sincerely appreciate you for listening and hope you enjoy this quick little bonus episode.  We’ll be back next Thursday with Episode 5 of Making It Up As We Grow.  Take care.

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