In this episode, Scott struggles to create a podcast this week as he feels that his creativity left him, yet finds inspiration all around him.  It was as easy as him thinking back to what got Jennifer and him here in the first place.

As the episode begins, you can hear how Scott is so emotionally drained from completing episode 001, as he tries to describe to Jennifer what tools he’s found to help him record his podcast.  Some individuals might cry when expressing emotion, but not Scott, he simply begins to laugh uncontrollably as it seems funny to him that he gained his knowledge at Guitar Center…mainly because he’s not musically inclined and definitely doesn’t play guitar.  [Note:  If you’re thinking of beginning a podcast, Guitar Center has everything you could possibly need to get started.  We highly recommend it.]

Here are some other links mentioned in the episode that could help you if you’re thinking of starting a podcast or are looking for inspiration should you ever question your own creative drive.

  • Looking for a logo for a business or a podcast?  You heard Scott explain to Jennifer how 99 designs was a valuable solution for them in creating their podcast logo.
  • Here’s a list of the podcasts Scott mentioned during the episode, which have helped inspire him to go from a podcast novice to landing on iTunes New & Noteworthy.
    • The Tim Ferriss Show:  A self-experimenter and best selling author, best known for “The 4-Hour Workweek”.
    • Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income:  Online business and blogging strategies.  In addition, Pat has a fantastic YouTube series to help get you up and running on publishing your new podcast.
    • Profitcast:  The Real Brian podcasts with passion and offers tips, tricks and hacks on how to profit with a podcast.  *One of the best radio voices you’ll ever hear*
    • Startup Podcast:  Created by Alex Blumberg, formerly of Planet Money and This American Life.  A narrative, storytelling podcast series about what it’s really like to start a business.  Careful.  You might find yourself “binge-listening” to this show.
    • Reply All:  Quite simply.  A show about the internet with compelling interviews and very cool music. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman.  They’re great.
    • Mystery Show:  #1 Show on iTunes. Hosted by Starlee Kine.  You’ll hear Scott in this episode briefly mention this podcast and if you pay close attention, he states how she has the coolest voice ever.  She solves mysteries for people.  The Belt Buckle episode is a must-listen!
  • Scott mentioned how he is now contributing to a new podcast.  Waitin’ Since Last Saturday.  A podcast he and two friends, Tony Waller, editor of the Georgia Sports Blog and Will Leitch of Sports on Earth and co-founder of Deadspin have started to discuss college football, specifically the Georgia Bulldogs and the SEC.

The catalyst that got Scott over the hump this week and back on track to accept the fact that what he produces might not always be great came from a 2009 interview with Ira Glass.  Glass is the host of NPR’s This American Life podcast.  His inspiring interview can be seen here in this YouTube clip.

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