Beginning one Sunday morning at the ridiculous hour of 4:15am, Jennifer (aka JennySue Makeup) gets ready to step out of her comfort zone and travel to New York City to attend an makeup industry event called The Makeup Show.  What was it like?  Did she meet anyone famous?  It’s all in this short 30 minute episode via a video diary that she recorded while traveling.  She did a great job documenting the good, the bad and the always annoying, inappropriate accessory habits of people wearing sunglasses indoors.

For this episode, think of Jennifer as a jet setting star of a Bravo TV show and think of me as the Andy Cohen, interviewing her and helping to move the story along.

This trip took place in May, but in May, we hadn’t launched our podcast yet.  So, that’s why its about 11 weeks behind.  Here are two very detailed blog posts Jennifer wrote that will help fill in some gaps and provide beautiful pictures about her stay.  Day 1 in NYC & Day 2 in NYC.

Some links to people and places mentioned during this episode:

  • The Dream Hotel Downtown in NYC.  In Jennifer’s words from her blog post, “I enjoyed a much needed glass of wine but the pool after winding down from a long day at The Makeup Show (which is rare in NYC for a hotel to have an outdoor pool!). Isn’t this architecture and scenery just spectacular?! I couldn’t get over how beautiful and mild the weather was in New York and how lucky we got to be there with all of this sunshine.”
  • Jennifer is a “Power Primper” for the beauty app, Pretty In My Pocket or PRIMP.  It’s a free app and I asked our friend Caroline Van Sickle, the Founder and CEO to describe what makes PRIMP a must have for women and beauty consumers?

    “Primp is a community that helps you discover beauty products from the recommendations of other women.  We are a total contra to superficial photoshopped models in magazine ads.  Instead, we enable the delivery of truth in beauty and beauty products.  We are doing this because we believe that real women are real pretty!”

  • Jennifer met Kat Von D, world renown tattoo artist and CEO of her own cosmetic line.  She couldn’t believe how friendly she was and was grateful with the amount of time she spent chatting with her and Caroline.
  • You can hear some of the music played in the episode through these links.  BIROCRATIC and MACROFORM.  They have some great tracks, so stop by their page to check out their music.
  • One of our favorite podcasts out there is ReplyAll from Gimlet Media.  It’s a show about the internet and if you tune in to their episode from the last week of July, you’ll hear them interview Macroform himself.
  • And finally, that makeup artist that Jennifer met and captured an Instagram pic with…His name is Billy Brasfield, better known as Billy B.  He’s kind of a big deal in the world of makeup having worked with the likes of Lady GAGA, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and Tina Turner, among others.  You can see his work all over and in the pages of such publications as Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

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Music for this Episode: Birocratic – His discography is awesome. Stop by and buy his music.  Also, on this episode was music by Macroform
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