In this special podcast episode, Jennifer and Scott finish up their discussion on Snapchat and then Scott puts Jennifer on the spot by asking her 10 random questions.

Mentioned in the Snapchat discussion, Scott referenced a “Professional” Snapchatter named, Shaun McBride who goes by the handle Shonduras. Scott shares one secret for Snapchat that he discovered on Shonduras’ website where a user can add more than one line of text to their Snapchat photos or videos.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to your iPhone notes app
  2. Don’t type anything, simply hit the Return button 3 or 4 times
  3. Hold down your finger and hit Select All, then Copy
  4. Take your Snapchat photo or video
  5. Then hit the “T” button to prompt the text editor
  6. Tap in the text box and the Paste button will appear
  7. Hit Past and Voila, you now have more than one line available to type in.

Thanks Shaun!

Jennifer discusses some of her favorite Snapchatters that she follows. Here are their usernames for you to enter.

  • SongofStyle – Aimee Song, a fashion and interior design blogger. Website
  • BeautylogicBlog – Milly Thompson, senior beauty editor for Cosmo for Latinas. Instagram
  • MyStyleVita – Jessica Camerata, a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Website (with a cute pic of her dog)
  • PoorLilItGirl – Cathy Anderson, a shopping and personal style blog. Website
    • Jessica and Cathy are the founders of The Blog Societies, which Jennifer is happily a member of.

Jennifer’s top vacation destination thus far? San Francisco. Where would she like to travel? That’s easy. Well, maybe not. Italy and Toronto would be her picks for her next trip abroad.

Also mentioned towards the end of the 10 questions for Jennifer section was some music that both she and Scott love to crank up real loud when riding in their cars with or without kids.

Jennifer’s choices were, “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson and “Levels” by Nick Jonas and she did go ahead and mention another awesome 80s song, which was “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard

Scott’s choices were, “Drag Me Down” by One Direction and “Cowboys Like Us” by Georgia Strait | What a combination of songs!

Thanks for Listening!

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Jennifer’s website is JennySue Makeup | Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and of course you can follow her on Snapchat by searching for, you guessed it, jennysuemakeup.

Scott’s website is JaWaVi Films | Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and his snapchat is jawavifilms

Bonus: This is not the only podcast that Scott produces. In fact, he joins two of his buddies twice a week to co-host a podcast about University of Georgia Football, titled, “Waitin’ Since Last Saturday

The intro and outro music on this podcast was created by Birocratic.



And we’re back from our three week break.  It’s almost like things have been redecorated in here.  Okay, what we’re saying is that over the past three weeks, we (Scott & Jennifer) have debated everything as it pertains to this podcast.

  • Should we stop doing it all together?
  • Is anyone listening?
  • Would it make a difference whether or not we continue?
  • Should we make a format change?

Ah-ha!  That’s it.  It’s not a matter of who listens or how many downloads one episode might receive or really anything else for that matter.  The issue at hand was that we currently live very busy lives.  You’ll hear how busy they are in this episode as Jennifer discusses her recent New York Fashion Week trip.  (See her Instagram pics here)

But, the problem was that although storytelling and creative transitions, etc are fun, interesting and memorable, they are also very hard to produce.  You heard Scott mention that episode 001 took him 82 days to complete.

Now, he has gotten better, but still a 20 minute narrative styled podcast would take him the better part of two days working to craft it just right.  From researching stats, to looking up famous quotes, editing script, you name it.

There needed to be a change and that change was simple.  Turn on the microphone, hit record and simply talk, or conduct an interview and don’t worry about every little nuance about the podcast.  If people listen (and we hope they/you do), they’ll listen and if not, then we shouldn’t lose too much sleep over it.

Cliche here, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

What are we building here?  We’re not quite sure yet.  Suppose our podcast title is still pretty perfect.

Hope you enjoy this episode.

Scott & Jennifer